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Our Guarantee

Libertystone Hardscaping Systems warrants its segmental retaining wall and pavingstone products, used in residential applications, to be free of defects that affect structural integrity to the original purchaser upon showing proof of purchase along with registering their product online within 60 days from dated proof of purchase. If there is a defect in the structural integrity of a product, the defective material will be replaced assuming proper installation practices consistent with industry standards have been followed. Problems arising from neglect or abuse shall not be grounds for product replacement. Product warranty does not cover shipping fees or costs arising from product removal or installation. Color matching of replacement product cannot be guaranteed. Libertystone reserves the right to validate proof of purchase. Libertystone reserves the right to provide the purchaser a replacement product of equal value depending on stock limitations or discontinuance of any product.

Libertystone warrants the structural integrity of its product. The term structural integrity means the ability of a properly maintained item to hold together under a load, including its own weight and assures that the construction will perform its designed function, during reasonable use, for the designed life of the structure. Libertystone’s guarantee does not apply to chipping, splitting or any other breakage that could be caused by overloading, impact or abrasion and the warranty does not apply to any damage occurring from a deliberate and/or negligible act on the part of the purchaser, owner of the property or any third party. The Libertystone warranty is not applicable to any damage as the result of a natural disaster. Improper installation practices and/or using Libertystone products for applications other than that for which they have been designed shall also void any warranty.

Efflorescence is a naturally occurring white, powdery substance that can occur in all products that utilize concrete. Efflorescence is purely aesthetic in nature and in no way compromises the structural integrity or functionality of the concrete product and is not covered under Libertystone’s warranty. There is currently no way of eliminating efflorescence from occurring and it can affect every producer that manufactures concrete products. Efflorescence will wash/wear away over time and can be cleaned with efflorescence cleaner, but there is no guarantee that after it is cleaned that it will not return again. In pavingstone applications, concrete setting beds may increase the likelihood of efflorescence occurring. Libertystone accepts no liability or responsibility for the occurrence of efflorescence and/or any damage arising from the use of cleaners to remove it.

All Libertystone products are manufactured with raw materials occurring in nature. These raw materials can and will vary in color, therefore color shading will exist, as it does in nature. Variances in color do not constitute a warranty claim. It is for this reason that Libertystone recommends that the installer draw material from multiple cubes during installation to more evenly disperse colors. Installation of Libertystone pavingstones or wall systems is deemed acceptance and no claims or returns of installed product shall be allowed. It is recommended that the end user make final color selection based on current, physical product samples available from an authorized Libertystone dealer.

When using plate compactors on Libertystone’s pavingstones it is mandatory that a urethane protection mat be bolted onto the plate compactor to protect against scuffing on the surfaces of all Libertystone pavingstones.

Pavingstones used for residential vehicular/driveway applications should be a minimum of 2 3/8″ (60mm) and have an aspect ratio less than 3:1 (not greater than 6 in. (160 mm) in width, 9 ½ in. (240 mm) in length or 5 in. (140 mm) in thickness. Pavingstones with an overall aspect ratio greater than 4:1 should not be used for vehicular/driveway applications. Salemstone, Stoneledge Slab and Canyon Stone are examples of Libertystone products that exceed a 4:1 aspect ratio and therefore should only be used for non-loadbearing applications like patios, walkways, sidewalks, pool decks, etc.

Libertystone recommends an alternate capping material where any type of de-icing agent comes in contact with segmental retaining wall caps used as stair treads/steps. It is recommended to use Libertystone segmental retaining wall units to construct the base for the step/stair construction along with a natural stone or poured concrete coping for the final tread surface. Use of segmental retaining wall caps for stair treads, steps or walkways where any type of de-icing agent is used is not recommended and will not be covered under any warranty.

Libertystone accepts no responsibility or liability for the improper use of polymeric joint sand and/or the haze which can be left behind if proper installation practices are not followed. Be sure to follow the application instructions listed on the polymeric sand package exactly as there can be differences in installation instructions from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Any implied warranties of merchantability and/or fitness for a particular purpose are limited in duration as stated above. The exclusive remedy under this warranty is replacement of a defective segmental retaining wall or pavingstone product. Libertystone Hardscaping Systems shall not be liable for incidental, special, punitive or consequential damage arising from any breach of warranty. Some states do not allow limitations on how long an implied warranty lasts, or the exclusion or limitation of incidental or consequential damages, so the above limitations may not apply to you. Any court action making a claim under this warranty must be commenced within one year of the date on which the defect was, or in the exercise of reasonable care, discovered. This warranty gives you specific legal rights, and you may also have other rights which vary from state to state.


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