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Progressive, innovative, and reputable quality; let products by LibertyStone™ be your project choice.

Wall & Paving Stone Products for:


Home Owners

Enjoy peace of mind in transforming your home into your own unique space with LibertyStone’s retaining wall and paving stone products.

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Engineers & Architects

Create unique designs and spaces for your clients using a variety of LibertyStone’s available products. With us, you have options for creativity.

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Easily work with progressive and innovative products, helping you create excellent projects that will withstand the test of time…with minimal installation time required!

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Work with LibertyStone to provide your customers with a variety of high quality options in your product line. Join our growing network of dealers today!

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Where to Buy

LibertyStone products can be found across the Northeastern United States. To serve you best, find a dealer that’s close to you to help you find the product that best suits your project needs and vision!

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Why LibertyStone?


We work with some of the industry’s most experienced individuals to provide you with innovative and forward-thinking products and solutions.


Changing the manufacturing industry since 1924, rely on our 90+ years of expertise for superior products, supported by our down-to-earth values and excellent support team!


Enjoy peace of mind using LibertyStone’s high quality products and proactive solutions for a variety of markets and designs.


Design, develop, and implement a unique project that is truly yours…without breaking the bank.

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Looking for Inspiration?

You know you want a project that reflects your style and personal taste. One that’s truly unique, durable, and that stands apart from the crowd…you just don’t know where to start.

Have a look at some LibertyStone projects and gain inspiration for your own design, whether it is using our paving stones or our retaining wall systems. No matter the design you are inspired by, you know you’ll be working with quality products that are easy to install.

Unique Product Choices

Part of what makes LibertyStone a progressive manufacturer is our unique product lines, which give you a variety of options. Find the perfect product that will work with your design, environment, and budget.

8′ & Under Program


Libertystone is perhaps the most experienced manufacturer when it comes to retaining wall systems. We have been instrumental in the design, development and implementation of the 8’ & Under Program since its inception nearly 10 years ago. The program was designed so you could plan, bid, and install a superior retaining wall system that meets local codes with an Engineer’s final professional stamp.

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Creative Coloring Options

Why should you have to settle on a color that you don’t want? The answer? You shouldn’t! Choose from a variety of color options to customize your project, giving you the look and feel that you want. For something truly unique, try mixing several LibertyStone color blends in the same project. Showcase your individuality and flair with breathtaking results.

Register Your Warranty

Be sure to register your products online to initiate your LibertyStone Warranty.

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