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Connecticut Lake Home Builds Path to Tranquil Retreat

May 7th, 2024

Dealer: Bethlehem Masonry & Supply
Contractor: Stone Walls Co.
LibertyStone Products: Emerson Pro, West Mountain

Nestled among the serene landscape of Bethlehem, Connecticut is a picturesque home that underwent a remarkable transformation. In total, this 7,000+ sq. ft. project took 5 days to complete.

The driveway, adorned with the three-piece Emerson PRO pavers, bring a timeless elegance and enduring strength for both vehicle and pedestrian traffic. Stretching across the expansive property, the driveway leads to a lower walkway meticulously crafted for added charm and durability.

“Everything was perfect,” Guri Cenkolli, owner of Stone Walls Co. said of the installation process. Ease of installation really allowed the team to move quickly. Mr. Cenkolli plans on using LibertyStone for three more driveways in the coming weeks.

“Everything was perfect.”

Guri Cenkolli

Owner, Stone Walls Co.

With LibertyStone’s support and expertise, the homeowners transformed their property into a tranquil retreat, where every detail reflects their passion for outdoor living. From the moment they set foot on their newly paved driveway to the serene ambiance of the lower patio, they are reminded of the beauty and functionality that LibertyStone brings to their outdoor space.

View the project gallery below and join us as we continue to redefine outdoor living, one project at a time.